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Squishy Buns



Squishy buns are not only fun to squish but what makes them so fun is that they look so much like real bread buns. They are made to look exactly like a super sized hamburger bun in the US or what some other countries call Pan. But the similarity doesn't stop there. Pick one up and feel the super soft texture. It is as soft as real bread and to take it even further, if you take a whiff of it, it actually smells like sweet bread. Turn the bun around and look at the front and back. You will see it is textured and shaded just like fresh baked bread out of the oven. There are many styles of buns in the world and most of them are for sale here on our Silly Squishies store. Every piece comes decorated with the cutest squishy bun faces and you get to choose which one you like the best. But they don't call them squishies buns for no reason! Since they are squishy, the best part is squshing them! Every bun has a different level of "squishiness". Some are super soft and some are super squishy. The fun part is buying one of each kind and experiementing with the squishyness. Which one's will be the slowest risers? It's up to you to find out! 





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