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Slow Rising Squishies

Slow rising squishies have become all the rage. It brings such satisfaction for you to squish your fingers into a squishy, smash it down, and watch it slowly rise back. It’s almost therapeutic! We here, at Silly Squishies, are addicted to squishing Jumbo Slow Rising Squishies so we have created the SOFTEST and SLOWEST rising squishy’s on the market. There have been a lot of brands who create cheap squishies and claim to be slow, but they are not true collectors, they don’t really know the meaning. We have done the tests over and over again and Silly Squishies is truly the slowest. And the texture is addicting as well, it is almost like you are squishing dough! You test for yourself, buy one of our one of a kind squishies, squeeze and squish, and tell us how you like the slow rising squishing effect!

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