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DIY Squishy

What makes a DIY squishy special, is that it is your own creation. We designed DIY squishys so that you won’t have to be stuck with someone else’s creation, but you can let your imagination go wild and make the squishy that you always thought should be made! 

TIPS for decorating a DIY squishy:

1)   Use markers! You can simply color your squishy with any of your favorite markers that you have at home. 

2)   Use fabric paint. HollyCopter used sandpaper to roughen up the surface when decoing our Unicorn cake to make sure that when she applies the paint, it will not squish off.

3)   Another Fabric Paint hack. Jojo’s Crafty Love used Tacky glue to cover the whole squishy first, let dry, then used her favorite colors of Fabric Paint to deco.

4)   Go Wild! And don’t forget to tag us on Instagram with your creations!

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