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Cheap Squishies

Normally we would not use a phrase like cheap squishies when describing anything on our website but this is exactly what our customers are looking for so this is what we are giving ya! 

There are two types of cheap squishies in this category. One would be our brand that falls under cheap slow rising squishies that are high quality, come in boxes, super scented and licensed. Normally you would not find any cheap jumbo squishies like these but we may have ordered way too many and need to move them out of our warehouse, so we will reduce the price in order to sell them quickly.

Or maybe it is a holiday squishy, the holiday has past, but we still have a bunch of squishies, and people will only buy if the price is really low, so we do it!

 The other category of cheap squishies for sale would be other brands. We have decided to only sell our super popular SS brand and we are super excited to do this. But we still have a whole warehouse full of other stuff that maybe are not scented or don’t have great packaging, but we offer it for a super low price to make you happy and build your collection quickly!

I guess you can call us a cheap squishy shop, but only because our prices are the lowest around – but our quality is still very high!

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